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Bruna Jejčič, direktorica Rokmar, d. o. o.

Welcome to the renovated Rokmar website!

Rokmar products from the Vipava Valley, which are created at the crossroads of the north wind, ideas, knowledge, and many years of experience, are indispensable ingredients for every master in a confectionery, ice cream shop, coffeehouse, or restaurant.

Because we know you want to offer your clients only the best and highest quality, we offer products that will convince your guests to come back and enjoy the unique flavours of cleverly decorated ice creams and exceptional pastries.

Rokmar is a family business with a 30-year tradition. We have incorporated knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, imagination, and passion into our products. For buyers from Slovenia and abroad, we prepare quality raw materials for the preparation of ice cream and pastries, and we constantly supplement the offer with novelties that are in the spirit of the time and trends in the field of nutrition. We live at a time when it is extremely important for people what we eat. Rokmar therefore pays special attention to quality and variety when creating bases, flavourings, toppings, and other ingredients for preparing ice cream and pastries.

All employees at Rokmar are in love with pastries: our inspiration is the enthusiasm of your customers while tasting sweet masterpieces that you prepare with the help of our products and crown with your ideas.

On our renovated website you can find information about products from our wide offer, recipes, and information about our company. We invite you to like our Facebook page and follow the updates. In addition to information on new products, organisation of courses and participation in fairs, you also have the possibility to participate in prize games.

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Bruna Jejčič, CEO
Rokmar, d. o. o.

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